About Not safe for mom group-

Not Safe For Mom Group (NSFMG) is a digital space and in-real-life community where women express and explore raw feelings about motherhood without being judged or stigmatized against. It is a place to share “unsafe” thoughts, and find — not only empathy and support from others — but that others are feeling similar things as well. Through the anonymity that Instagram Stories allows, mothers are saying things aloud that they’ve never said before. Simply DM @notsafeformomgroup the question or feeling that’s on your mind, and spark a discussion with thousands of like-minded women who are real AF (without revealing your identity — unless you choose to).

In our events, talking circles, and meet-ups; women are forming connections and friendships that go beyond the phone screen. We are starting something incredible here.

There are many important conversations that have not been had, and questions that have not been asked — until now. The content Mom Group explores, aims to bring these unspoken narratives to light. When we speak our motherhood stories and vulnerabilities aloud — we reaffirm the feeling that we are not alone in this motherhood shit.

Want to join us? Want to come to an event, or add your voice or story? Be a part of this bad thing. Join the mom group you didn’t know you needed.

Share your stories, experiences and questions about motherhood with the group. Contact #nsfmg here.


NSFMG is not a professional mental health resource. Alexis Barad-Cutler is not a clinician or mental health professional — she is a facilitator. For help and resources go here.