About Not safe for mom group-

Not Safe For Mom Group (NSFMG) is a digital space and community for women to express raw feelings about motherhood, without judgement. It is a place where mothers can find support from one another, and share their stories. And, with the launch of our first “panel-meets-mom-group” event in NYC on October 30th — Mom Group is now an IRL experience, as well. (Watch this space for more events like it.)

There are many important conversations that we are not having, and questions we are not asking. The content Mom Group explores aims to bring these unexplored narratives to light, without fear of stigma. My goal is to create a community where we can all share our stories and vulnerabilites in the hopes that they will spark thoughtful conversation — and ultimately — a sense that we are not alone in this motherhood shit.

Want to join? Want to come to an event, or add your voice or story? Be a part of this bad thing. Join the mom group you didn’t know you needed.

- Alexis (for more about me, go here).


Share your stories, experiences and questions about motherhood with the group. Contact me here.