About NSFMG:

Not Safe For Mom Group (nsfmg) is a stigma-free digital space and in-real-life community where we express and explore raw feelings about motherhood without fear of judgment. It is a place to share “unsafe” thoughts, and find — not only empathy and support from others — but that others are feeling similar things as well. Through the anonymity that Instagram Stories allows, we can say things aloud that we’ve never said before.

ask us anything:

Ask anything you’ve ever wanted to ask, tell your story, scream in the wind, or spark a discussion with thousands of like-minded women who are real AF (without revealing your identity — unless you choose to). Simply DM @notsafeformomgroup , and we will post it anonymously on your behalf. Watch the conversation unfold on Instagram Stories.

our talking circles:

Form connections and friendships that go beyond the phone screen. (nsfmg) hosts a diverse array of interactive panels and intimate talking circles around NYC and other cities — check out our past events here.

Be a part of this bad thing. Join the mom group you didn’t know you needed.


what folks are saying:

(nsfmg) feels like a therapy group that I didn’t even know I needed.
Thank you for creating this space where we can be our real and vulnerable selves . . . Knowing that other women are going through similar experiences has been a huge comfort
— "M."
You’re finally talking about all the topics moms want to talk about but feel like they can’t for some reason.
— "V."

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(nsfmg) is not a professional mental health resource. Alexis Barad-Cutler is not a clinician or mental health professional — she is a facilitator and moderator. For help and resources go here.