Let go of the mom you show up as at Drop Off, and show some grit, scars, and stretch marks. Here's how you can do it, ANONYMOUSLY or not.


How to Submit Your Story:

Word count 700 - 1200. Will accept pitches, but fully written stories/essays more likely to be accepted. Your work does not have to be perfect, but please do your best to proofread before sending. For a sense of what will “work” best, please take a look around the site at existing content. We are especially (but not exclusively) looking for YOUR STORIES about experiences with:

  • racism in maternal healthcare system

  • addiction and motherhood/ survival being around someone who abused substances

  • single motherhood

  • trans motherhood

  • queer motherhood

  • separation/divorce and motherhood

  • birth trauma

  • open marriages and motherhood

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submit a quote

Share a quote about your motherhood experience for a post or story on @notsafeformomgroup Instagram. Send via Direct Message on @notsafeformomgroup, or submit here. You'll have final approval before it goes live, and it will not be posted with your name or handle without your explicit permission.

submit a QUESTION

Have a question for Mom Group, that you’d like to crowdsource? Are you going through something, and you’d like some support from the group? Send a DM or submit below. Write, “Hey Mom Group!” as the first three words, so I know it is a query. I’ll post it on IG Stories (anonymously, unless you tell me otherwise). Watch the love, empathy, and stories of moms who have gone through similar shit, start to flood the ‘gram.