Empowered Birth - Free 21-Day Course

Despite my complete trust in the fact that my doctor did what was best for me and my baby on the day my first son was born, my overall birth experience was anything but empowering. I was unprepared for the terrifying new landscape of my post c-section body and how much care I would require after having given birth. I didn’t know anything about doulas at the time, prenatal or otherwise. The only lactation consultant I had been aware of was the one who made the rounds in the hospital. And postpartum depression? Completely off my radar. Would my birthing outcome have been different if I’d known these things? Most likely not. But the way I felt postpartum would have been very different if I had been empowered with information about how to assemble the tools and the people around me that could have helped me heal faster afterward.

Empowerment in birth, for me, means having information, and choice over how we prepare for birth, who is on our birthing team, and who we enlist for help postpartum. The rest — meaning how the birth itself unfolds — is somewhat out of our control. But what if we had a manual of information about all of this stuff? One place where we could learn about different birthing styles, how to feel empowered by an epidural (if we choose to have one), how to navigate the insurance part of the hospital process, and even what foods to eat postpartum?

I’m thrilled to say that that there is a “manual” of sorts — in the form of a 21-day-online course for pregnancy, birth, and early postpartum; called Empowered Birth from @onecommuneby @schuylergrantyoga . The course brings together leading pre and postnatal experts including, @ericachidicohen @shafiamonroe@elizabethbachner @_kimberlysnyder@brittabushnellphd @kimberlydurdin@lbreggy @askdrsuzanne, @elizabethaliceroseflynn , and more. This course is FREE from 8/12 through 9/1.

Not everything here will resonate with everyone’s desired experience. Take in what you feel serves you best. Information is empowering.